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Yan Mufei nodded his head and said, "I feel the same way about what my elder brother said. Of course, it was his fault that he bombed the Gongchen Tower and burned the Lingyan Pavilion. But it was also his fault that he used his commoner clothes to save the people under the rule of a foreign nation. Compared with his merits and demerits, his faults should be insignificant." "Who says otherwise?" Asked Ma Tenglong? Brother As soon as his eyes froze, he went on to say, "You returned the dragon robe given by Emperor Taizu and retired from the court. Why did you just pick Wan Ping, who was very close to the capital? What was your purpose?" Yan Mufei cut off his mouth and said, "My elder brother is right. I chose to live in Wanping because I want to find someone in the capital area." "Looking for someone?" Asked Ma Tenghu? Looking for who? "As I said just now," said Yan Mufei, "Taizu's only fault in his life was the shelling of the Gongchen Tower and the burning of the Lingyan Pavilion. But if you really want to talk about it, it's not Taizu's fault." Ma's three brothers were stunned at the same time, Ma Tenghu, "Oh!" "It's not Taizu's fault," he said. "Who is it?" "You know," said Yan Mufei, "Xu Da and Chang Yuchun were the generals who helped Taizu conquer the world, and Liu Ji was a counsellor. But in fact, Liu Bowen was not the only counsellor of Taizu. There were many people under Liu Bowen. These people were the most intelligent and cunning people in the martial arts world." "I know that," said Ma Tenghu. "Is it their fault?" "That's the truth." Yan Mufei said, "Liu Bowen and Guang are extraordinary.". At the beginning, he advised Taizu not to use these people, but Taizu always listened to Liu Bowen and followed his advice, but this matter was ignored and put behind him, only with a smile, or vague delay,ultrasonic cutting machine, empty and deal with! "How do you know?" Asked Ma Tenghu. Yan Mufei cut off his mouth and said, "On the day when Emperor Taizu ascended the throne and held a grand banquet for his officials, Liu Bowen floated away alone. Before he left, he reminded his generals that Emperor Taizu was kind and kind, but his ears were soft. Be careful around Emperor Taizu.". As a result, a tragedy happened that day, and the day before Taizu ascended the tomb, Taizu had a secret meeting with those people, but did not know Liu Bowen,ultrasonic emulsifying machine, the head of the counsellors, so I think this deadly trick must have been offered to Taizu by those people! Ma Tenghu way: "So, you just suspect, and cast have sufficient evidence!" Yan Mufei said, "I don't deny that there is no proof of guilt. But on the second day after Emperor Taizu bombarded the Gongchen Tower and burned the Lingyan Pavilion, those who sought land all resigned and retired one by one. Why?"? Should be afraid of the revenge after those heroes! And now, more facts have proved that in the folk, there are many secret figures working for the court, punish the so-called rebellion, in addition to the so-called rape, killing and seizing, the power is so great that it is almost above the Royal Guards, especially they are not controlled by anyone, directly under the orders of today's emperor, who are these people? If I'm not wrong, it's those people who turn light into darkness! Ma Tenghu frowned slightly, nodded and said, ultrasonic dispersion machine ,ultrasonic dispersion machine, "That's.." After all these years of searching, have you found anything? "In Wanping," said Yan Mufei, "there is a man named Jin Shanren, who is in charge of Pan Ge, the'living judge. 'The guards are divided into one, two, and three classes. Everyone is strong, and everyone is a master. Moreover, he has frequent contacts with the local government offices. I think he is suspicious." "Suspicious?" Asked Ma Tenghu. "Don't you think he's suspicious?" Asked Yan Mufei. "No!" Ma Tenghu shook his head and said, "I mean, why don't you find out more?" Yan Mufei said, "I was just going to find out what was going on, but at that moment, Xie Jin and Wu Bozong came to me one after another, so I couldn't be separated. I had to put the matter aside for the time being and wait until I found Jianwen to make plans." "How about letting my brother handle this?" Asked Ma Tenghu. Yan Mufei shook his head and said, "Don't say a word that you don't like to hear. How sure are you to deal with a'living sentence 'Pan Ge?" Ma Teng Hu was stunned and kept silent. Ma Tenglong shook his head and said, "Brother, you're right. I really can't deal with Pan Ge!" Ma Teng Hu suddenly opened his mouth again and said, "That's just a Jin Shanren from Wanping!" Yan Mufei nodded and said, "Yes, tiger, and there are other things, but I haven't found the exact clue yet. How can I ask you for help?"? How did you get in the way? "What if you find the exact clue?" Asked Ma Tenghu. "Your Excellency." Yan Mufei smiled and said, "Why not wait until then?" Ma Tenghu raised his eyebrows and said, "In a word, you don't want us to get involved." Yan Mufei shook his head and said, "Sir, you should understand my mind." "If I understand," said Ma Tenghu, "I won't bother you." Ma Tenglong shouted, "Second brother, be bold. This is you and Yan.." Brother's manner of speaking? Do you know, brother, he is for the hard-won foundation of our Ma family! Ma Tenghu says aloud: "eldest brother, I know I am wrong, but if say inheritance, what great?"? Life does not bring, death does not take, who has the ability, who is rare, who takes! As soon as Ma Tenglong's face changed, Yan Mufei looked up and laughed. "Good!" He said! OK! OK! The tiger is as heroic as ever. I'm not right. All right, all right! As soon as I find the second clue, I'll leave it to you and the tiger alone. How about that? Ma Tenghu smiled, very embarrassed! Yan Mufei went on to say, "Elder brother, when I mention the inheritance, I think of your words, 'It's a long story.' Why did you move from Shaanxi to Henan? Now you can say it!" Ma Tenglong's expression darkened. He shook his head in shame and said, "Brother, it's a shame to mention this.." "What's there to be ashamed of?" Asked Ma Tenghu? Victory or defeat is a common thing. How many people in Wulin can stand up forever? We're just taking shelter for a while, and one day we'll have to go back and avenge ourselves. "What's the matter, brother?" Said Yan Mufei in astonishment? Is it with who. Ma Tenglong cut off his mouth and said,ultrasonic spray nozzle, "This matter is baffling. I don't know who has been offended and who has been offended. I don't know which imperial law of the Ming Dynasty has been violated by the Ma family." "Speak slowly, elder brother," said Yan Mufei. 。 fycgsonic.com