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Although this huge golden and red amulet is full of immortal spirit, it always gives people the feeling that it is full of a strong smell of powder. Younger Martial Brother Kong, why are you so angry? Even when I was practicing in the small cave, I felt the fluctuation here. A woman's voice, very noble, high above, falling down. In the voice, there is a force of palpitation shaking. The Fifth Divine Concubine! The Empty Sage King's face changed. He lowered his head and saluted the void. I've seen the fifth concubine! Empty saint king around, Gongsun Liang, Murong yuan although have not seen the blue God imperial concubine, but heard the name, also understood the meaning. One by one, they showed a vibrating look and bowed their heads. Behind the crowd, the "Evil Sage King" looked at the golden and red amulet floating in the air, nodded imperceptibly, and lowered his head silently as a salute. Long Bingyan and Lin Xi were the only ones who did not salute around Kongsheng Peak. Interesting. Lin Xi raised his head and glanced at the golden and red amulet with a smile, his eyes thoughtful. In the great world of immortals, "immortal couple" is very common,ultrasonic spray nozzle, and "divine concubine" is a kind of immortal couple. But can be called the "imperial concubine", only a few can be counted. And even such an arrogant figure as the Empty Sage King has to bow his head and salute, and the identity of this person is even more special. The Fifth Imperial Concubine.. It seems that it is true that the son of God has many concubines at the same time. This ranking has reached the fifth place. How many concubines does this son of God have? Lin Xi looked at the sky and an idea flashed through his eyes. (To be continued) [] Small.. Say 。 T/X/t days. Don Chapter 449 Xiaodongtian. The immortal spirit attached to an amulet is so strong. There is no doubt that this fifth imperial concubine is absolutely a strong person in the realm of immortality and the "true disciple" of Shenxiao Sect. Lin Xi also did not think that the conflict between himself and the Empty Sage King would trigger the "Fifth Divine Concubine" of this immortal realm. The imperial concubine is the "immortal couple" of the son of God, and should be supposed to help the "dragon ice face" of the imperial concubine, but this posture in front of us is by no means like this. Lin Xi's mind rose and fell one after another, still turning one thought after another. On this side, the fifth imperial concubine has noticed Long Bingyan. Is this Sister Long? Why,ultrasonic dispersing machine, so you're here, too? The charming laughter of the fifth imperial concubine, with a meaningful meaning, floated from the golden and red amulet. Long Bingyan looked livid, his face was frosty, his eyes turned left and right, but he said nothing. Damn Long Bingyan scolded secretly. The appearance of the fifth imperial concubine here is definitely not a good thing for her. Cluck.. With a light laugh, the light flashed in the sky, and the golden and red amulet suddenly turned into a woman in a red dress with noble temperament, falling down from the void. Her body was solid and empty, almost translucent, and in many places it was blurred and unclear. It's obviously just an avatar. However, although it is the incarnation of Fu, sonicator homogenizer ,Ultrasonic nano dispersion, it is lifelike enough to express emotions and feelings accurately. Empty Saint King, Murong yuan, Gongsun Liang and Evil Saint King all lowered their heads and dared not look at them. The same is the imperial concubine, but the fifth imperial concubine is completely different from Long Bingyan. The "Fifth Imperial Concubine" is the real "True Disciple". Powerful. Although the Empty Sage King is a disciple of the peak of Qi refining, he does not even have the power of backhand in front of the "True Disciple". The two sides are not at the same level. Moreover, the "Fifth Divine Concubine" has followed the "Divine Son" for many years, cultivating both Yin and Yang, and the two sides are already close to each other. To covet the imperial concubine is to covet the woman of the son of God. In Shenxiaozong. The Son of God commands all the "True Disciples" under one person and above all others. The status is even more noble than the secular Long Live and the Son of Heaven. Covet the fifth God imperial concubine, is equal to the courtier covets the emperor's woman, even the empty saint king does not have this courage. However. Long Bingyan is different. Although "Long Bing Yan" is also a divine imperial concubine, she only has a title, but she is not close to the son of God. As a matter of fact, only when you reach the realm of immortality can you be qualified to cultivate both Yin and Yang with the "Son of God." The original plan of the "Son of God" was to wait for Long Bingyan to reach the realm of immortality and become a "true disciple" before practicing with her. This is not a secret in Shenxiaozong. And, not long after that, the Son of God entered the depths of time and space. Practice the secret method. Therefore, strictly speaking, Long Bingyan is not the "woman" of God. In addition, Long Bingyan was only a saint at the beginning, and she moved around a lot in the clan. If you look at it, you will blame it. I'm afraid all the inner disciples will be killed. As the saying goes, the law does not blame the public, so it will not delve into it. However, the identity of the imperial concubine is always true. In Shenxiao Zong, no one dares to hit Long Bingyan's idea. Empty Younger Martial Brother. The fifth God imperial concubine slightly lowered his head, close to the empty saint king, laughed. I invited a guest today. But after waiting for a long time, I didn't get it. Then I checked, hehe. So it's here with you, Younger Martial Brother Kong. Knock! Hearing this, Kongsheng Wang and Lin Xi, who was sitting on the wall opposite and watching the show with a smile on his face, jumped in their hearts at the same time. Although the fifth imperial concubine did not point out, both of them understood that she was talking about Lin Xi. What's going on here? She's coming for me. A divine concubine wants to kill me, a divine concubine comes to save me, how is to return a responsibility after all? Lin Xi is also confused at the moment. He had never seen or even heard of this "fifth imperial concubine". At this moment, the hint is to find him, which has to make people confused. Shen Fei wants to wait for the guests, the younger martial brother naturally dare not force to stay. "If the imperial concubine wants to invite anyone, just go." Kongsheng Wang said lightly. He already understood that the fifth imperial concubine was coming for Lin Xi. Although he intends to close the relationship with Long Bingyan, he has no intention of directly confronting another imperial concubine. The two are completely different. Taking refuge in a concubine does not mean that you have to offend another concubine. After all, for the Empty Sage King and others, what they care about is the "son of God" behind the imperial concubines,ultrasonic handheld welder, as well as his future power, status and wealth. When King Kong Sheng finished saying this, he immediately kept silent.