Mrs. Fu is fair and beautiful.

At this time, Fu Xinnian always listened calmly and calmly, and then asked her lightly after the woman finished chatting, "I miss you, do you miss me?" “.....” The woman was stunned. Want to? The man asked again. The woman thought, "It's all right." How's it going? "Ok," the man smiled bitterly. "It's all right. I'm even thinking about it and I haven't forgotten it." Shen Tao thought that he had not forgotten the person who held her soft lips for the first time, the person who crushed her on the bed for the first time, the person who expressed his love to her in a panic for the first times, the one who came all the way from thousands of miles to see her, and the one who hugged her tightly and comforted her in the middle of the night. It was not so easy to forget, nor so easy to forget.. Only two years have passed, both of them have their own life circle, both of them are very busy, both have their own career line, suddenly some things are sealed up, do not say, do not mention, do not forget. In the past two years, Fu Xinnian would come every week. Every time, when Shen Tao's last class was over,Low Rpm Electric Motor, he stood under the sycamore tree on the campus playground and waited for her. Every time, there was one person, one car and one figure. Shen Tao sometimes plays with her classmates after school, but when she sees the tall and straight figure, her classmates will kindly remind her, "dannie, look, the man chasing you is coming again." Shen Tao always looked at him lightly and smiled at his classmates. Now basically everyone in Shen Tao's university knows that Shen Tao has a young man who comes from China every week to pursue her. Every time when Shen Tao is out of school,24v Dc Motor With Gearbox, he will stand in place and wait for her. Chapter 67 Shen Tao walked past with a smile, her temperament is now peaceful like a pool of water on the lake, but let Fu Xinnian have a few worries. He glanced at her and whispered, "Are you busy?" "Not bad." Shen Tao gently gathered up the broken hair in his ear. Can you go out for a walk? "Okay." The man is a little happy, that kind of feeling is really wonderful, as if the promise that has been waiting for a long time has finally been fulfilled, the man looked at the green bicycle placed next to the campus, rubbed his fingers excitedly, and even his eyes were slightly smiling, "Can I take you out by bike?" “..... OK 。” Shen Tao nodded his head slightly. Fu Xinnian was so excited that he ran happily to the guard to ask for the key. Shen Tao saw him explaining to others in a low voice like a big boy, and then heard him explain to others in English, "my wife..."? " Shen Tao suddenly felt that this name had not been called for a long time. After Fu Xinnian borrowed the car, he took off the black suit outside, leaving only the white shirt inside as high-spirited as a teenager. He steadied the car and let Shen Tao get on. Shen Tao was wearing a blue and white skirt, gear reduction motor ,Planetary Gear Motor, a beautiful black long straight, a pair of small black leather shoes. It was very inconvenient to get on. Fu Xinnian grabbed her waist and gently brought her up. He accidentally scraped her face with his fingers. The delicate and smooth touch slightly crossed Fu Xinnian's rough palm. It was so wonderful that Fu Xinnian's heart rippled slightly. Shen Tao is also a little embarrassed, may be two people have not been intimate contact for a long time. When Shen Tao sat down, Fu Xin said softly, "Are you ready?" "All right." "Then you hold my clothes." Shen Tao did not dare to pull, reached out to gently pull the corner of the clothes, slightly pulled out a small triangle, the man's generous back in front of him, the wind blew up his white shirt behind a small bag, Shen Tao stroked the hair blowing on his face, the man's clear shampoo smell mixed with the breeze blowing over. The road is a little uneven, Fu Xinnian told Shen Tao to firmly grasp his clothes, Shen Tao did not grasp too firmly because of shyness, but gently pulled a corner, but a small stone jumped forward, Shen Tao had no time to grasp a habitual person to fall forward, her cheek just hit the man's back waist impartially, the man's body stiffened. Shen Tao reached out and grabbed his waist and whispered, "I'm sorry." The man blushed slightly, "..". It doesn't matter 。 ” The next road was smoother, Shen Tao grabbed the man's waist, and the man carried Shen Tao, walking forward with a satisfied face. They went to a hotpot restaurant, a rare Chinese restaurant in France, which is usually full on weekends, especially today. The rising fog in the shop hit the glass through the cold windows, making the scene look very hot. Fu Xinnian looked inside lightly, "let's wait." Seeing so many people, Shen Tao said in a low voice, "Why don't we stop eating here?" "No, this is your favorite place to eat." Fu Xinnian retorted, Shen Tao looked at him lightly, this is the man pursued her for so long, these two years said the first sentence to refute her. Shen Tao looked inside, "but there are a lot of people, and it will take a long time to wait." The man pulled her in front of his chest to avoid being disturbed, let her sit on a small stool, looked around, looked at her with dark eyes and whispered: "I go to occupy the seat, you wait for me here.." "Mmm." The man went, Shen Tao stayed in his seat alone, raised his eyes to follow the man's figure, watched him struggling forward in the rush of people, watched him lower his posture to greet others, and then skillfully and vigorously helped her occupy the seat, that's the feeling. At this time, Shen Tao felt that the two of them were like a pair of college students who had just started to fall in love,Brushless Gear Motor, and the boys were working hard to please the girls. Shen Tao took a look and remembered that the man once said, "I will never eat in a restaurant like other people, which is not a gentleman.". Shen Tao thought that the "forever" was only two years away from the "crowded" now.