I am a God for the proud roar of King Zhou

yuanshi Tianzun said with a smile, "You are so clumsy. Yang Jian has now done his best to combine the power of Xuangong and Jiuzhuan Xuangong into one, until the Golden Immortal ascends the ranks and creates an unprecedented adventure.". These two sets of exercises are one inside and one outside. Complement each other. The power of fusion is strong enough to match Xuanxian. And that potential is limitless. What Yang Jian lacks nowadays is only his state of mind and his deep perception of the power of the noumenon. Gui yuan Di Shen Dan is a wonderful medicine in the world. It has the miraculous effect of improving and stabilizing the state of mind. There are also three pills in the world. In terms of the divine effect, it is only under the lotus seed in the twelve-grade lotus platform. If Yang Jian can completely absorb the power of this elixir, and then get my secret, he will be able to break through the existing state of mind and reach the realm of Xuanxian! All the immortals showed their startled faces one after another, and many people began to whisper in the immortal consciousness: "The realm of Xuanxian!"! Unexpectedly, Yang Jian, as a disciple of only three generations, has surpassed the twelve golden immortals of the second generation, and has taken the lead in gaining the greatest opportunity to enter the realm of Xuanxian! When the lamp-burning Taoist heard this, he realized why Yang Jian was so fierce just now. He was both jealous and worried. Naturally, he was jealous that Yang Jian could get the favor of the sage and would soon become the second Xuanxian of the interpretation religion; Worried is that Yang Jian has now made enemies with himself, and there will be conflicts in the future. According to yuan Shi Tianzun, if Yang Jian becomes a Xuanxian, his fighting capacity will be far better than that of the general Xuanxian. At that time, I am afraid I will still have big trouble. Yang Jian was a wise man, and he recognized that yuan Shi Tianzun had the meaning of appeasement. He thought that if he couldn't bear it, he would mess up his big plans. His biggest enemies were the Emperor of Heaven and the Queen of Heaven. Now he might as well endure the anger of the moment and accept the Gui yuan Di Shen Dan. He would try to become a Xuanxian first. As for the white jade,water filling machine, anyway, the lamp-burning Taoist is still in the process of explaining, and sooner or later he will be asked to settle the matter. Although yuanshi Tianzun did this kindness, he must not forget that he had prevented the Master from rescuing him and that his mother had been heavily punished. Everything, need to wait for the strength to strengthen, then pay attention to. With this in mind, Yang Jian immediately saluted and thanked yuanshi Tianzun,plastic bottle making machine, and no longer mentioned the matter of Tianzun and Baiyu, and retreated aside. yuan Shi Tianzun saw that Yang Jian really knew the general situation and appreciated it even more. The lamp-burning Taoist also saw the sage's attitude of turning a big thing into a small one and a small thing into a small one. He secretly called it a fluke and thought to himself that he had finally passed the test safely. He was overjoyed and stopped explaining the matter of white jade or Kunlun crystal jade at the moment, so as not to make it more and more black and cause trouble again. However, just as the lamp-burning Taoist was putting down his heart, Huanglong Zhenren suddenly rushed out with the corpse of Taoist Tianzun in his arms. He prostrated himself in front of the Eight Diagrams Platform and cried loudly: "Taoist Tianzun!"! Good way brother! I didn't expect you to die so unjustly in vain! This move made everyone's eyes focus again. Huanglong Zhenren put down Dao Xing Tian Zun and kowtowed to yuan Shi Tian Zun nine times. He cried, "Master, I have a word to say. If I don't say it, Dao Xing Tian Zun will die in his grave!" PS: The 6000-word chapter once again asks for a monthly ticket and subscription, especially the subscription of the 84th chapter (only a dime or a few cents), which is very important. Please help me if you like this book. [Chapter 386 of the main text is furious! yuan Shi Dou Zhun Ti (begging for monthly ticket, subscription)] yuanshi Tianzun frowned when he saw Huanglong Zhenren doing this. This incident, it is clear that the lantern Taoist intentionally embezzled white jade, the result accidentally killed the Taoist Tianzun who came to ask for it, bottle blowing machine ,Vegetable oil filling machine, thus triggering Yang Jian's struggle. To be fair, yuanshi Tianzun was not indifferent to the death of Daoxing Tianzun. After all, Daoxing Tianzun was also one of the twelve disciples. The lamp-burning Taoist killed him, whether by mistake or not, which made people resentful. But now is in the middle of killing and robbing, it is the time to employ people, everything is based on the overall situation. As the only Xuanxian who explains the religion, the Lantern Burning Taoist should still be of great use and should not be treated as usual. Even if there is a fault, it is at most "internal" treatment, which should not be too excessive. On the other hand, the growth of Yang Jian's strength also made yuanshi Tianzun happy, so he did not hesitate to spend the only three Gui yuan Di Dan to help him break through. If this move goes smoothly, the interpretation should be more than one Xuanxian, and the power of the integration of Xuangong and Jiuzhuan Xuangong is no small matter, then Yang Jian's strength and combat effectiveness will be far better than the general Xuanxian. However, at this time, the actions of Huanglong Zhenren once again set off waves that were about to subside. yuanshi Tianzun could not help feeling a little angry. He was about to say a few words of reproach to him, but Huanglong Zhenren burst into tears and said, "Master, please listen to me and allow my disciples to speak. Otherwise, it will chill the hearts of all the disciples!" It was not easy for the lamp-burning Taoist to muddle through. Seeing this, his heart trembled. He secretly scolded Huanglong Zhenren for being so eventful. He hurriedly said, "This matter has been decided by the sage in charge of teaching. How can you be so wordy?"! Don't you take the sage seriously? But Yang Jian sneered, "The lamp-burning Taoist!"! Are you guilty? How dare you not let Uncle Huanglong speak? When yuanshi Tianzun saw that the matter had come to this point, he could not rebuke Huanglong Zhenren in front of all the disciples. "Tell me," he said. "If you make trouble out of nothing, don't blame me for driving you out of the Yuxu Palace." Huanglong Zhenren immediately said that when he went to the Jade House Cave with Qingxu Daode Zhenjun that day, he saw the lantern burning Taoist borrowing treasures, and the Taoist Tianzun said that the lantern burning Taoist was forced to borrow and caused unhappiness. Subsequently, Taoist Tianzun went to yuanjue Cave many times to ask for it, but he was refused. Today, he went there with Yang Jian. Just in time to see Dao Xing Tianzun out of righteous indignation. As a result, there was a fight with the Lantern Burning Taoist. As a result, the Lantern Burning Taoist killed the Taoist Tianzun with the Linglong Pagoda. Except for fear of leaving Sun outside early in the morning. Guang Chengzi, Red Sperm and other twelve immortals arrived later, only to see the scene of Yang Jian fighting against the lantern burning Taoist. Now listen to Huanglong Zhenren say this process, the heart can not help but more angry. yuan Shi Tianzun thought to himself that he had already understood the whole thing, and when he saw that Huanglong Zhenren was talking about these plots, he didn't care much about them, so he frowned a little at the moment. "Is that it?" He asked. I don't know whether Huanglong Zhenren is fearless or ignorant, but it seems that he didn't hear the reproach implied in yuanshi Tianzun's words. Instead of shutting up, he angrily pointed at the lamp-burning Taoist and said word by word, "When Dao Xing Tianzun was dying,CSD filling line, he said that the lamp-burning Taoist was rebellious. It seemed that he had taken refuge in the West. This is what the lamp-lighting Taoist feared most. He shouted," Yellow Dragon! If you have no proof, don't spew blood! 。 gzxilinear.com