Goddess of rebirth

Feng Xiaoman in Cheng. After the individual all-round competition of the group is over. You are in a state of worry. What if there is another Lin Dandan? Sun Yan did not show the hard results, and will certainly be replaced. An 18-year-old athlete will quickly become a veteran by giving new players a chance to train. Her worries were not one-way, and Sun Yan, who was sitting under the stage at this time, was also afraid that Feng Xiaoman would not play well. She was even afraid that her bad state would affect her little sister. Because this kid has a lot to worry about. Pang Qing patted Sun Yan on the head and comforted him: "Not bad, the international ranking is not so easy to get.". At least you've made it to the individual all-around. There are many international competitions behind you, always from scratch, one by one. Sun Yan muttered to himself, "I have nothing to do.". Anyway, my level is there, and I did my best. I'm afraid Feng Xiaoman will think too much. She was worried about me last night, thinking about what to do later. Pang Qing couldn't help laughing: "How can you two be like little mice who are scared out of their guts?". If it's not good to compare once, it's OK to do it again. If you have to be so entangled every time, you won't be crazy. Sun Yan pursed his lips and did not speak. What she could not say was that Pang Qing had not experienced such a career crisis, so how could she feel her pain. Lin Dandan's foot injury is not healed, so she can't return to the team for the time being. After a hundred days of injury, she won't be unable to move until September. When the time comes, as soon as the young lady comes back,water filling machine, there will be no place for her Sun Yan to stand in the team. The game began as the two men waited nervously. Feng Xiaoman is the seventh to enter the club this time. This ranking is not very good, but it is better than the preliminaries. Feng Xiaoman's condition also appeared to be better than in the preliminaries. Her bending balance turned two circles, and her hands beat the stick on the ground with the drums of the music, which made Sun Yan's lips turn up. Feng Xiaoman this wench's movement arrangement, now prefers to add some small movements, appears more lively and interesting. Years later in that period of time,water bottling line, their mood is not good, even jump out of the exercise inside, all seem to be gloomy. Fortunately, adjustments were made later, otherwise, in the words of coach Lu, it would not be a junior group competition, but a senior group competition. Pang Qing has been holding his hand nervously. The first single item is crucial. Feng Xiaoman was pressed too much in the preliminaries because of the club gymnastics, and failed to surpass the latter three events, and was finally pressed by Lilia. She faintly expected that her little sister could make history in the competition, even if it was a star on the horizon, at least it was shining. A set of exercises is only a short 90 seconds, but the second seems to be a leisurely stroll in general, Beverage packing machine ,juice filling machine, walking slowly. Pang Qing not only expected the game to pass quickly, but also feared that the time was too fast to finish the action. In the back, she even clenched Sun Yan's hand involuntarily. Sun Yan, who was also so nervous that he could not breathe, did not feel the pain from the hand bone at all. She kept inhaling and exhaling, trying to relax, but she couldn't. Sun Zhe couldn't help being nervous. He exhaled gently and changed the position of the camera in his hand. He sat in the media area today, but he could see it more clearly. He only snapped two pictures, then put down the camera and couldn't help but catch his breath. The colleague beside him smiled and whispered something to him, but he didn't know what language it was. It was not until the end of the action of throwing a double stick forward and then two forward rolls that Sun Zhe finally relaxed completely. My God, his old heart, it can't stand such torture. What was he thinking, volunteering to be photographed. The reporter of the nearby sports newspaper smiled at him and whispered, "You seem to be an expert. Can you understand the game?" Sun Zhe suddenly became proud. He took advantage of the break time and sold the knowledge of rhythmic gymnastics that Augustine had popularized to him. So, he is also a professional. After the results of club gymnastics came out, Feng Xiaoman still lagged behind Lilia, but fortunately, the score was not pulled down, and there was no chance of reversal. Coach Lu got up to move his body and said to himself, "As long as this girl goes on like this, no matter what the final result is, she won't come out in vain." Coach Xue also nodded: "OK, it is beyond my expectation that the girl can compare like this.". Our country still has a long way to go in this area. The referee's advantage is not accounted for, and the score shows that the referees are still cherishing their talents. The two men comforted each other, not daring to look at the small flames coming out of each other's eyes. How can it be so light as you say. In the preliminary contest, Feng Xiaoman came from behind and played better than one. This child is a typical competitive player, but on the field, he can play a more heroic state than usual training. In case, in case the kid goes crazy. In case, in case Lilia doesn't play well. Just in case, just in case, the judges also want to make rhythmic gymnastics more influential in the world's most populous country. Perhaps they are also the creators of history. Coach Xue is a little out of breath. Dr. Lin gave Feng Xiaoman, who was waiting for the second ball gymnastics competition, a simple instruction on matters needing attention, and watched the little girl go on stage. Then he had time to come over and laugh at his old friend: "You are too exaggerated.". You should at least keep it so as not to frighten the child. The little girl is finally in just the right state. Coach Lu shyly excused himself for his colleagues: "Doctor Lin, let you see a joke.". Those of us who are coaches bring our children from childhood to adulthood. Really, I don't spend as much energy on my own children as they do. When the kid came on the court, we were all shivering. Between the chatter, Feng Xiaoman's ball gymnastics is over. When she returned to the back to prepare for the third hoop gymnastics, coach Xue clapped her hands regretfully. She was so excited that she forgot to see what happened to the ball gymnastics Grain Buds. Dr. Lin smiled and motioned to the audience: "Do you think this reaction can be bad?" Sure enough,liquid bottle filling machine, as soon as the ball gymnastics results came out, Feng Xiaoman immediately overtook the first place. The author has something to say: so sleepy, go to sleep. Chapter 132 a complete set of three. gzxilinear.com