Forbidden fruit

"What do you want from me, Lance?" Guo Pin's tone is very happy. Lance gave an evil smile. "I have something good for you." "What's fun?" Guo Pin was interested, and there were many things that could interest Lance. Lance ignored Guo Pin's words, "you will know if you accept the information." "Good." Guo Pin turned on the computer and repeatedly looked at Sima Dang's ancient documents. His face sank, revealing a trace of murderous look. "Jin Jia, what do you want to do?" Lance and Sima Dang were quite calm these days, but the peace faction took advantage of the crystal grass incident to severely attack the neutral faction. The neutrals had to restrain themselves. The Alliance had not yet settled down because of the Crystal Grass, and another very tragic thing came: General Jack was defeated, the Sky exploded, and none of the 200 people in the operation survived. At this time, the 6888 base was shrouded in sadness and needed a person to stand up. Lance and Sima Dang were in the room, repeatedly looking at the information from the Sky. On the first day, the Sky only encountered a very small airship. The airship ran away when it saw the Sky. The Sky was eager for quick success and instant benefit. It attacked the airship crazily with high-energy beam guns. The airship hurriedly dodged the attack of the beam guns on the small firepower missiles of the Sky. The Sky opened its shield and let it go without a sense of crisis. Seeing that the attack had no effect, the airship turned around and ran. The Sky was so inflexible that it soon lost the small flying ship. Admiral Jack did not return to his base, but took a rest in the universe and did not even attack the mecha. The second time I met a small flying ship, but it escaped again. In the third encounter, Admiral Jack blasted the small airship without opening the shield, but this time the airship did not escape and launched a large launcher, and the dense artillery fire was concentrated on the Sky. The Sky opened the shield hurriedly,ultrasonic welding transducer, and the shield was broken before the mecha was launched, and the whole Sky disappeared into the universe. Awesome The layman thought it was caused by Admiral Jack's carelessness, but Sima Dang didn't think so. "Whether it's defense or attack, the other side is first-class." One of these little ships could take out the Apex. They're not just any star pirates. Lance's with a bit unwilling, and alert. Sima Dang shook his head. "They had the opportunity to have the ability of the Sky at the beginning, but what did they do like this?" Sima Dang looked at the screen doubtfully. Do you think they are still pirates? Lance stood up with deep concern. At this time, the alarm bell of the base rang, 6888 base as the largest alliance base on Mars, ushered in the biggest challenge, pirates attacked. As the head of the 6888 base, ultrasonic sonochemistry machine ,Ultrasonic emulsifier machines, Lieutenant General Du Sa watched the huge energy reaction through the atmosphere on the surveillance screen. Quick, bring up the camera. Du Sa is a handsome middle-aged man, with soft blonde hair and a slightly vicissitudes of his face. Sure enough, it was a Star Pirate warship on the camera, a giant ship with five medium-sized ships rushing towards the 6888 base, which was half of the firepower taken away by the Sky. Hurry up! Prepare for battle. Pull the shields. Combatants aboard the Dawn. Du Sa galloped onto the main ship of the Dawn. Sitting in the captain's seat, Du Sa's face was not happy, only heavy. The operator started the Dawn and flew into the sky little by little. Have you made contact with the alliance? Du Sa asked nervously, now the 6888 base is still in the maintenance of the Dawn and three medium-sized ships, only 10 mecha. In fact, General Jack has taken away all the elite of 6888 base, one main ship of the sky, five medium-sized ships and 10 small ships. Only the Sky Ship was destroyed, and the other airships were all destroyed in the explosion. Yes, support is expected to arrive tomorrow. “!” Du Sa's face turned to ice. He knew he had to hold the base this time. "Are there any fighters in the base?" "A small annihilator?" The tone of the correspondent was somewhat incredible. Du Sa thought about it and nodded, "inform all the members of the base and mobilize all the weapons that can be attacked by the base." "Yes, Captain." In the 6888 base, Sima Dang and Lance stood in the open space, watching the Dawn slowly lift off, with a trace of dignity in their eyes. On the battlefield, Du Sa looked at the three-dimensional screen in front of him, and the Dawn had intercepted the other side's warships. Request for contact. Du Sa said firmly. The correspondent turned his head in embarrassment, "the other party refused to contact." "Attack!" Du Sa did not hesitate. Ten AU-type mecha with unified configuration spread their wings and rose into the air, while three annihilators hid behind them, ready to attack each other. Three medium-sized ships surrounded the Dawn in the middle. An amazing thing happened. Three mecha came down from the main ship of the Star Pirates. What was even more tragic was that they were AT mecha snatched from the Sky. Three ATs against three AU Mechs. Don't give them a chance, fire! Under a command, three medium-sized ships fired high-energy beam guns at each other's medium-sized ships, and the other side opened the shield. Concentrate on the attack! After Du Sa knew the level of the other side, the high-energy beam cannons of the Dawn were opened, and the remaining seven AU opened the beam cannons. Under the high firepower, the medium-sized ship of the Star Pirates suddenly exploded in the high altitude. Du Sa breathed a sigh of relief in his heart. The Star Pirates didn't seem to think that the Dawn could break its own defense. The enraged Star Pirates quickly dodged the explosion range, and three beam cannons rushed toward the Dawn. Get out of the way at 30 degrees south. Du Sa said calmly, "order seven AU mecha to attack and three annihilators to meet." This side is worthy of the AU driver of the regular army,ultrasonic molten metal, pulling out the beam saber to the AT mecha, with the pain of his partner's inexplicable death in the universe, the saber is like a snake with deadly attack.