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"Well, I do know all the words you said, but now seems to be the wrong time to discuss them.". I have something to do, and you.. It seems that you should finish your business first and then ask me for advice. Ao Dan strength is much higher than Yang Fan, so much that he has been completely unable to weigh the level gap between the two, coupled with the heart from the beginning to the end, for Ao Dan's temperament, her sense of pressure, Yang Fan was not aware of it at all, usually used to be asked questions by younger students, naturally brought out the posture of teaching the younger generation. In terms of real age, it's true that Ao Dan is younger than him, but. He is now just a guy at the bottom of the ordinary village, while others are already senior hunters in the mountain capital, and his way of speaking makes the villagers gasp. Is it business? Of course there is.. On one side, Luan Cangluan Meng and others are very anxious. The foreign aid for emergency calls is not free. According to the combat power and time, the points are collected. Like Ao Dan, the price is based on points. How many points are there in a minute. Considering that low-level hunters may not have the authority to report to the headquarters, and this matter is not a battle but a report, it should not take much time, the villagers decided to hire an expensive one. Unexpectedly, until now, the business has not been mentioned at all, but the episodes are one by one, but even so, only gritted their teeth to endure, where dare to speak like this. Shocked, perhaps really inspired by Yang Fan's equal way of speaking, Luan Cang mustered up his courage and opened his mouth: "Teacher Ao, since Yang Fan said that, you see.." What are you looking at? Yang Fan said that the words turned away directly, Ao Dan can do, in public to pull him to a violent hammer? Boy, today's account is written down for the time being. The monk can't run away from the temple. Let's wait and see. Looking at Yang Fan's back,PET bottle Mold, Ao Dan gritted his teeth secretly. After clenching her teeth, she suddenly remembered that Yang Fan had just called himself over, in order to confirm the termite tide exploration, but he had forgotten the business. Hateful! Of course, in Ao Dan's heart, Yang Fan's sin is one more. However, Ao Dan also did not catch up with the past, pull Yang Fan to re-inquire the meaning, just Yang Fan's performance, has let her recognize some facts, and this is exactly what she was going to confirm, this is enough. Back to Shandu, how to explain the termite tide, how to defend Zhecun, this is Ao Dan's responsibility, how she specifically handled, Zhecun people have no way to know, Edible oil filling machine ,juice filling machine, how Shandu will react, even more they can not understand. In a word, the report of the matter was over for the people of Zhecun, and the crowd in the transmission room gradually dispersed. At this time, Yang Fan was walking vigorously in the cave, wishing he could step into the hot spring. There is a reason why he is in such a hurry, because he is waiting for Mu? After I left He suddenly realized what he had said to Mu in the hot spring just now. Little girl naive, certainly do not know what taboo taboo, what things can not be done before people, if a while in the bath? Have a grand massage in front of you. Mu? Ask casually Or the little girl took the initiative to say that she was bathing? The image in one's mind Don't you have a complete collapse? By this time, Yang Fan finally realized that even in this world, words can not be said. Yang, Yang, wait a minute, wait a minute, you slow down. Immersed in the remorse of the devil because of impulse, Yang Fan ran out for a long time before he realized that someone behind him was calling himself. Stopping and looking back, a tall and fat figure jumped into his eyes. It turned out to be him, the Zhecun villagers who came from the rear, Yang Fan was very impressed, because this man. His fellow countrymen in need, so to speak? Compatriots who once stood at the bottom of the adult strength list in the village 。 But for Yang Fan, that is already the past tense, and the fat man, or the present continuous tense. This person is one year older than Yang Fan, so at the beginning, it was Yang Fan who was the second at the bottom. Is it difficult? Since the promotion, this guy has been feeling lonely at the bottom, so he came to find himself. So thinking, Yang Fan only felt a chill, but in addition, he really did not think that there would be any intersection between the two. In addition to the suffering compatriots, Yang Fan will have an impression of this person, there is one of the biggest reasons, that is, the name of this person. As a pure otaku, it is natural that he is not good at communication. So far, he has traveled for more than two months, and the best evidence is that he can't remember more than ten names in the village. But this fat man's name, Yang Fan only heard once to remember, and never forget, just because this guy's name is called? Yue Fei 。 The new book list needs everyone's support, expecting everyone's flowers, please. A gentle click of yours warms my whole life. Watch Literature Network (www.17k.com) fantasy channel, more exciting content waiting for you! Chapter 7 Yak Baymax [Number of Words in this Chapter: 2274 Last Updated: 2008-09-03 13:52: 53.0] Yue is just a very common surname of the Shan people, and Yue Fei, the name of the most famous national hero of China in the last generation, seems to have been obliterated by the catastrophe of the Great Radiation. No one knows the special meaning of this name except Yang Fan. Yue Fei panted and ran to Yang Fan's side, stopped, and reached out to wipe the sweat on his face. Seeing his appearance, Yang Fan could not imagine how he could have lost to him even if his strength was one step lower. Yue Fei didn't know what Yang Fan was thinking. He didn't seem to be in the mood to think about it. He didn't know whether it was because of running or other reasons. His fat face was flushed. He patted Yang Fan on the shoulder and said, "Come to my house at night. I have something good to show you!" "Good stuff" gives extra emphasis. Yang Fan looked at Yue Fei doubtfully, the fat man's face always made people feel very simple and honest, but in the depths of his eyes,liquid bottle filling machine, it seemed to reveal a little fanaticism, a little cunning, a little excitement. "Be sure to come. I promise you won't regret it." The fat man's chest clapped loudly. gzxilinear.com