Cover the sky

"Kill to the last foundation of the ancient heaven, but the fairy bell fell from the sky, some strange things happened on a strange ancient star, and eventually all parties retreated and sealed there.". Leaving only a magic eye. When Ye Fan heard about this, his heart was shocked, and he suddenly thought of the ancient star. He had seen some branded pictures, suspected that the ancient emperor was at war! He suddenly a burst of horror, is it true that there has been a royal war? He would never misremember that he really "saw" it at that time, and later the human demon and the God crocodile also mentioned the North Sea Eye. The big crocodile who stayed there and refused to leave was because he wanted to enter the magic sea eye and get the immortal treasure. Ye Fan suddenly felt that a lot of things were coherent, but it was too huge, Kunlun, Ying Huo, Beidou. It's all connected in series. What is that fairy bell? Someone asked. Nature is a fairy ware! Replied the Great Sage. Today, the strong people from all realms of heaven and earth gather together, and the Great Sages from different ancient star fields gather together. It is precisely because of this that many fragmented ancient secrets can be spliced together, making people feel gradually clear. Otherwise, at least the monks in the Big Dipper have never heard of this ancient artifact. Desolate pagoda, fairy bell, and the tripod of Emperor Zun. The three ancient vessels known as the nearest immortals. When Ye Fan heard this, he couldn't help but be shocked. He thought of the picture of the immortal treasure on his body. The front of it was all over the world, and he had not yet sorted it out. On the back are three pictures, one of which shows Kunlun becoming an immortal land,High Torque 12v Dc Motor, Wanlong spitting an immortal spring, turning into a placenta-like immortal pool, giving birth to an incomplete green copper tripod. At this time, knowing the coexistence of three immortals, he naturally thought of the true meaning that the other two pictures might contain. Does it point to the other two fairies? It has to be said that when strong people from all over the world get together, once they discuss some ancient secrets, they will soon be able to crack part of the truth. Everyone knows a little, as long as they get together,Vending Machine Motor, they will produce amazing results. When the barren pagoda was born and how it came into being cannot be verified. It is too long ago. There are even rumors that it was left over when the real immortals formed the immortal court. Rumor has it that this ancient artifact killed the Holy Body of Dacheng, and was even thought to be able to kill the Great Emperor! Born in the Kunlun Mountains, the Fairy Bell is the first vessel bred by the Fairy Mountain, which contains all the secrets of heaven and the terror of the world. Emperor Zun attacked this mountain, and the immortal bell broke through the air, but was not obtained by it, so there was the birth of the green tripod.. As soon as these words come out, they are subversive and astonishing, which is the "secret" of many scattered fragments pieced together by many great saints in the major star fields. According to legend, the bell can restore people to a young state together, and the bell can also make people die of old age in an instant. This is one of the unparalleled abilities of the fairy bell, which makes people feel unimaginable. Kunlun gave birth to the immortal bell, and the vitality was greatly damaged, so the emperor wanted to drive to the heavens and all realms, looking for one ancestral vein after another, micro gear motor ,12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm, to supplement the immortal essence for Kunlun. Ye Fan's heart is full of ups and downs, and he has learned a lot of secrets. Today, he can run through a lot of things. The war of God broke out, the war of the ancient emperor.. So, the fairy bell may be sealed in the screen, is the so-called fairy treasure? What kind of weird thing did it manifest in those days, so that the strong people at the imperial level joined forces to seal it?! Ye Fan said to himself in his heart. Emperor Zun once left a picture of immortals, which is said to have recorded everything about the green tripod on the back, as well as some of the secrets of the barren pagoda and the immortal bell. Said a Great Sage. Ye Fan's heart was pounding, this picture had been mastered by the emperor, had been mastered by the immortal emperor, had been grasped by the emperor of war, had been grasped by the ruthless man, and was finally taken out of the chaotic dragon nest by him, and now it was grasped by him! !d@T Chapter 1519 of the main text Desolate pagoda, how long has it been in existence? Tracing back to the long years, where is its source? This ancient artifact is really too mysterious. Immortal bell, equally bizarre, was born in Kunlun, containing all the secrets of heaven, mysterious gods and ghosts, and the green tripod of Emperor Zun was also born in Kunlun, branded with the fragments of immortality. White clouds and mists flow, not to the knees of people, this ancient continent is noisy, people are shocked by the past, the mythological era is too long, leaving many mysteries. The hostile atmosphere in the Heavenly Palace eased, and the Kunlun survivors put away their black imperial seals and stopped fighting. Many Great Sages sat down again to discuss the various rules and orders opened by the road to immortality. If the world becomes immortal, there is nothing to say. But if there is a time limit, only some people can step into the fairy land, then we have to decide a result in World War I. "I suggest that the inheritance of imperial vessels can occupy a few more places to ensure their smooth road." "Why?!" Some people immediately objected that not every Great Sage present had a Yakuza soldier. As a matter of fact, even if you look through the heavens, only a few people have it, and the ancient emperors can be counted. Nature is to rely on strength to speak, or you and I each hold an ancient vessel to go to the outside world to see how people end. The old patriarch of the Blood Phoenix Mountain said coldly that naturally he held the ancient imperial weapon, while the man held the holy soldier handed down from generation to generation. Will there be suspense in such a match? There is no doubt that it will be one-sided, and no miracle will happen! In the Central Heavenly Palace, everything was so naked that it involved the hope of becoming an immortal. The Great Sage sat down and discussed with each other, all tit for tat, for the sake of his own clan. In the face of cruel facts, everything has to be haggled over. If you are noble at such a time, you will only be regarded as a fool. The key is to strive for the greatest benefit for your own nation. Is it great to have an imperial vessel. When the time comes, as long as there is a quasi-emperor in our clan, everything will be different, and the emperor may have to change hands! Said a cold rat who swallowed the God. This statue of the Great Sage is very special. It has not been transformed into a human body. With sharp fangs and green eyes, it was a silver God mouse, whose whole body seemed to have a silver flame burning,12 Volt Motor With Gearbox, blazing and dazzling, as big as a giant elephant. Is it? So far, I have only seen a quasi-emperor from the human race. Look forward to the arrival of the emperor of your clan! Someone responded coldly and didn't care.