A ghost marriage

Why am I like a child? By the way, brother Weilisi, I went out hunting with them today and caught a rabbit. The fur is very good. When I let them skin it, I will make a scarf for you. You must wear it every day. The woman looked up with undisguised reverence and love in her eyes. All right, thank you! Velis nodded. Aru Khan held Velis in his arms and gave him a hard kiss on the cheek. As I watched, I heard that this Mongolian girl was passionate and unrestrained, but seeing is believing. Weilisi, a little embarrassed, dragged Aru Khan and sat aside and said, "This is our new guest, this is Liu Lan, this.." Forget it, I don't know the rest. Ya is looking for a low place. Aru Khan glanced at me with an inquiring look in his eyes and said, "Then why do you know her? Brother Weilisi, you don't think she is a beautiful woman. That's why you remember her so clearly." Willis frowned and said in a low voice, "Don't fool around. Well, we have something important to discuss. You go out first. By the way, I brought you a gift. I'm going to ask January for it." Only then did Aru Khan reluctantly walk out of the yurt in three steps. Chi Xiaoze, holding a bowl in one hand, raised it toward Weilisi and said,Parallel Shaft Gearbox, "I didn't expect that Mulie's Khan was still an affectionate seed." "I'm flattered, but he's too handsome and too attractive to girls." Veris boastfully, then gulped down the wine in his bowl. After speaking in a bureaucratic tone, Weilisi asked, "I don't know what's important for you to come to Mulie today. I just came back and saw the corpses on the ground and the yurts staggering here and there. I thought Mulie was a bandit!" Although Velis spoke with a smile, the meaning of his words was clearly an insinuation against us. Chi Xiaoze, however,Small Geared Motors, was unmoved. He smiled and raised his eyebrows and said, "Why are we here this time? I think Khan already knows. Otherwise, it wouldn't be so coincidental that you came back as soon as we came." With a flash of admiration in his eyes, Weilisi nodded, "I like to deal with smart people like you, Brother Chi, but I still want to make sure that you are here this time." Nameless? Chapter 287 of the main text draws water with a bamboo basket in vain (the third watch). Chi Xiaoze nodded: "Exactly." Veris continued, "May I take the liberty of asking, what is the use of this nameless?" Chi Xiaoze put the bowl in his hand on the table, wiped the corners of his mouth gracefully with a paper towel, and said: "Save people." "Save people?"? Save who? Willis asked. Chi Xiaoze's cold and sharp eyes cast on Weilisi: "I don't think you need to know about this." "Don't forget, you're begging me now." Willis frowned a little unhappily and said. But The corners of Chi Xiaoze's mouth were crooked. I have a hundred ways to make you beg for me. "You.." Velis's voice rose sharply, but he giggled and shook his head. "Brother Chi, I have heard of your name. I said you were resourceful and skillful. The most important thing is that you never care about anyone." Chi Xiaoze bowed his head respectfully, Gear Reduction Motor ,Small Dc Gear Motor, but the extraordinary temperament on his body made people feel that he was in a high position at the moment, not Weilisi: "The Khan of Heaven has been praised!" Velis suddenly sighed, and a look of regret appeared on his face. "But this is nameless.". Now it's a piece of scrap metal. If you want it, I'll give it to you as a friend. With these words, I saw Weilisi take out something from his bosom and throw it at Chi Xiaoze. Chi Xiaoze stirred the milk tea in the bowl with one hand, grabbed it with the other hand, and spread out his palm. There was a badge lying on it. It was nameless, but it was the same as what we got from Qingxuankong before. There was no trace of brilliance at the moment. As Weilisi said, it was no different from scrap metal. Chi Xiaoze's face changed and he took out another piece from his bosom and put it together. Suddenly clenched his fist and smashed it into the table: "How can this nameless power disappear?" To be honest, not only Chi Xiaoze is hard to accept, but we are also hard to accept. Originally this time, we came with great expectations, when we finally found Mulie, this expectation reached its peak, I thought, my curse will soon be lifted, but. I stared at the two nameless pieces in Chi Xiaoze's hands, and Weilisi opened his mouth and said, "This nameless piece was used by me to save Mulie a hundred years ago and used up all his divine power." Originally, after Mongolia was defeated by the Qing Dynasty. At that time, the rest of the survivors came to the north of Hulun Lake and founded Mulie, who survived and was protected by the court because of his former loyalty. Ya is looking for Pifu. Therefore. The people of Mulie lived a simple nomadic life, which had nothing to do with war and state affairs. At that time, the father of Weilisi was the Khan of Mulie. On this day, the standard of Khan's choice is different from the past, not to be brave and good at fighting, but to have the ability to govern the country, and the father of Weilisi, Habur, is the most learned person with great love and kindness. Ten years later, the grown-up Weilisi became the best boy in the whole Muli, whether it was governing the country or riding and archery. They were all above the crowd, so they became the new generation of Khan of Mu Lie. In this way, Mu Lie lived in peace with the Qing Dynasty for more than ten years. Everyone was satisfied with the present life. It was simple but warm. But unexpectedly, the emperor of the Qing Dynasty did not know which treacherous court official to listen to. He said that Mu Lie had the intention to rebel and suggested that Mu Lie should be wiped out. As we all know, every person in a high position is very suspicious, because the throne can be cruel to kill his own son and father, let alone a small Mulie. Therefore, the emperor of the Qing Dynasty sent a large army to attack Mulie overnight. Even if the people of Mulie were brave enough to fight again, they were not worth the well-trained soldiers. On that day, more than one hundred people of Mulie, men and women, old and young, were all buried under the saber of the Qing Dynasty,small geared motors, and Weilisi, who happened to go hunting, escaped the disaster. ichgearmotor.com