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Another man sneers, say: "Gentleman, I advise you to still be a bit wiser, it is a woman, offended the person that you should not offend, but you cannot afford.". This is Mr. Sur, the son of the Chief of Staff of the General Army of Yd. You weigh your identity. Ye Qian frowned slightly and said, "Oh, it's Ah San. When can Ah San be so awesome in China?" Then with a cold snort, Ye Qian said, "It's a shame for us men to have people like you in China.". Aren't you very generous? Well, I didn't want to embarrass you too much today, but now I'm really in the mood. You don't care about women. All right, lend me your wife for a few days, will you? "Go away." The man scolded angrily, but before the word "mother" could be scolded, he let out a scream, flew out upside down, and fell heavily to the ground. If it's just an ordinary hooligan, Ye Qian won't be so heavy. What he hates most is that these people who even forget who their ancestors are fawn on foreigners. Even his mother's Ah San dares to show off his power. The little girl clapped her hands and shouted excitedly, "Good fight, good fight. This kind of man should even cut off his manhood." Qin Yue is stupefied, mercilessly white girl one eye,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, rebuke: "Nonsense, the child does not talk nonsense." With an indifferent look on his face, as if he had no interest in the matter at all, he picked up a dress next to him and studied it, as if he were studying its style, cloth and production process. How dare you hit me? My grass Nima! The boy struggled to get up and tried to rush over with a desperate gesture. That Ah San stopped him, looked at Ye Qian and said, "Boy, don't think this is Huaxia. As long as I make a phone call,ultrasonic metal welding, I can still kill you. Do you believe it?" "I believe your sister." Ye Qian punched hard in the past, "bang", a solid hit in the face of that a San, a San screamed, the body flew out, fell to the ground. Nima, in Huaxia, no one dares to threaten me. You, a little Ah San, dare to show your teeth and claws here. I'm tired of seeing you live. Ye Qian took a deep breath, then glared at the boy and said, "Are you not convinced?"? Grass, it's not over yet. Call your wife and ask her to come here. I'd like to see how generous you are. "You wait. Don't go if you can. You're in trouble. I'll tell you." The boy picked up his cell phone and dialed the phone. Qin Yue pulled Ye Qian quietly and said, "Ye Qian, let's go first. Don't make things too big." This boy is a Chinese, Sur is his college classmate, ultrasonic generator driver ,ultrasonic extraction cbd, this time want to come to China to do some investment, he is naturally all kinds of ingratiation, as Ye Qian thought, he is really trying to convince his wife and Sur. He also thought that if he really couldn't, he would give his wife some medicine. These days, sometimes in order to get a promotion and a raise, some people are willing to wear a cuckold and give their wives as gifts. What's more, Sur's identity is not simple, and he naturally wants to curry favor. Some men are well-dressed, but their hearts are so dirty that they are not a man. Ye Qian smiled and said, "It's all right. It's not that simple anymore. I'd like to see what tricks this Ah San can play.". Rest assured, in sh city, there are still people who dare to embarrass your husband? If they were just ordinary hooligans, Ye Qian would beat them up and warn them, but since the other party was Ah San, and his father had some ability, Ye Qian was interested instead. Two days ago, when I was at the Demon Gate, I just heard that many officials of the YD country were from the Brahman religion. I guess this old guy should be too, right? Teach his son a lesson, that is also for the magic door to vent their anger. There is a very strange phenomenon in China, often foreigners in China will receive better treatment than the Chinese themselves. What's more, Sur is the son of the chief of staff of the yd department, and his status is naturally even higher. A phone call from the young man went out, and Geng Changjiang, the municipal party secretary of sh city, rushed over with people in a rush. That's all right. At this time, if something happens to this Sur in China, it is estimated that he will not be able to keep his hat. A phone call to the public security Bureau of sh city, let them immediately transfer people in the past, oneself also dare not have the slightest neglect, rush to come by car. The former party secretary of sh city, Ye Qian's Taishan Wang Ping, has been transferred to the Central Committee, and has mixed up a position that is neither salty nor light, but it is also carefree. Before long, a group of people rushed over. Li Changjiang took the lead, followed by a group of policemen, about 20 people. Up to the fifth floor, Geng Changjiang's eyes glanced around, and after seeing Sur, he hurried up. Sur had some blood stains on the corners of his mouth and was wiping it with a tissue. When he saw Li Changjiang coming, he took a contemptuous look. But that Geng Changjiang is a pair of servile appearance, see Ye Qian very angry. Granny, isn't it said that he is a public servant of the people? He bared his teeth and brandished his claws to his own people, but he was so servile to a foreigner. I don't know how he got to this position. Compared with Wang Ping, this Geng Changjiang is obviously much inferior. Qin Yue came to Ye Qian's ear and whispered the identity of Geng Changjiang. Ye Qian nodded slightly, glanced at it, and was stunned for a moment. The leader of the police station turned out to be Wang Yu. When she saw clearly that the cause of the matter was Ye Qian, she rolled her eyes helplessly and went to Ye Qian's side. She said softly, "Don't make things too big." Ye Qian shrugged his shoulders slightly and did not speak. The young man got up,ultrasonic cutting machine, took one look at Geng Changjiang and said, "Is this Secretary Geng?"? It's up to you. If you don't give us a good explanation, my classmates and I will never give up. Small. Say 。 T/X/t days. Don Chapter 1381 remember my name.